Amelia Tracey is a Sydney-based artist and graduate of Sydney University’s College of the Arts, receiving her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours – Class I) in 2014. Majoring in photomedia, Tracey became interested in the changing world of photography, and further, how technology was impacting the art world on a broader scale. Viewing the photograph as an image that is now born digitally, she perceives the contemporary photograph as one that lives as data. To preserve the personal relationship between an artist and their work, Tracey tends to “digitally paint” her images, working on them manually where methods of automation may otherwise be employed. Beyond this interest, Tracey attempts to marry the visual arts with her other love of music, which forms the underlying theme of her series of works. Tracey has been involved in numerous group shows at galleries in Sydney, and is the recipient of multiple awards. In 2013, she was the recipient of the SCA Dean’s Award, and was selected by Clyde & Co to participate in their annual Art Project. She then received their People’s Choice Award. Tracey began her mentorship with Artereal Gallery after being awarded the Artereal Gallery Mentorship Award in 2014.


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